RCI’s team of professionals are always eager to serve you, with our signature red polo and a friendly smile. We find our reward in a job well-done and a strong relationship with the cities, counties and schools that we serve. Our greatest achievement is the clients that return back to us year after year.

  • Dan Gibbens
    Dan Gibbens President / CEO
  • Jack Beck
    Jack Beck IT Manager
  • Kenny Egli
    Kenny Egli Vice President of Operations
  • Susie Hernandez
    Susie Hernandez Controller
  • Chris Coryell
    Chris Coryell Vice-President of Sales
  • Valerie Hale
    Valerie Hale Sales Manager
  • Jenny Wood
    Jenny Wood Sales Director
  • Stefanie Stevenson
    Stefanie Stevenson Director, Marketing
  • Debbie Pederson
    Debbie Pederson Internal OPS FAMP Team Member
  • Irene Rubio
    Irene Rubio Internal OPS FAMP Team Member
  • Beth Payne
    Beth Payne Field Operations Manager
  • Michael Gracia
    Michael Gracia Field Operations Manager
  • Robin Coronado
    Robin Coronado Field Operations Assistant
  • David Bruce
    David Bruce Field Operations Manager
  • Shannon Kennon
    Shannon Kennon Senior Project Coordinator
  • Gary Thacker
    Gary Thacker Senior Project Coordinator
  • Kelsey Glowacki
    Kelsey Glowacki Project Coordinator
  • Juan Lozano
    Juan Lozano Project Coordinator
  • Jeremy Peck
    Jeremy Peck Project Coordinator
  • James S.
    James S. Project Coordinator
  • Georgina Maldonado
    Georgina Maldonado Project Team Member
  • Garrett Tyner
    Garrett Tyner Project Team Member
  • Bradley Gibbens
    Bradley Gibbens General Manager Document Destruction Services
  • Jose Villafana
    Jose Villafana Document Destruction Specialist
  • Alex Cardenas
    Alex Cardenas Document Destruction Specialist Driver
  • Ken Adkins
    Ken Adkins Operations Manager,Document Destruction Services
  • Jay Greene
    Jay Greene General Manager Document Imaging Services
  • Neala Pineda
    Neala Pineda Document Imaging Client Services Manager
  • Samuel Tristan
    Samuel Tristan Document Imaging Specialist
  • Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison Document Imaging Specialist
  • Stephanie Soto
    Stephanie Soto Document Imaging Specialist
  • Alexis (Lexi) Smith
    Alexis (Lexi) Smith Document Imaging Specialist

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